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Our primary goal is to help you achieve health and harmony in a safe and natural way. We pride ourselves on providing you with a comfortable environment where you can feel secure discussing your deepest concerns. We strive to do our best in explaining each step of your experience and to work with you in order to find a treatment plan that suits your personal needs to improve your health.

Forms: We ask that you fill out forms providing us with standard patient information and health history. These forms can be found by clicking on the links to the right. You will need the registration form as well as the comprehensive acupuncture examination form. Please bring them with you on your first appointment.


Consultation: Your physical and emotional state will be discussed as well as any conditions that you are most concerned about. This private consultation is a good time to discuss any issues you are having that may be causing problems with your health.


Examination: This will include checking your blood pressure, pulse, reflexes, muscle strength, and range of motion, etc. to develop a basic understanding of the state of your health.


Treatment: The treatment will last about one hour. Acupuncture is performed with sterilized, disposable needles. Most patients report no pain, but you may feel pressure, tingling, or warmth as the needles are inserted. Other treatment modalities may be used as well.


Herbs: In addition to acupuncture, herbs may be prescribed to help with your treatment plan. These are imported from manufacturers that are held to the strictest regulations.


*Registration and Comprehensive forms can be filled out digitally if you have Adobe Acrobat Pro

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